Susquehana hats was started in the mid 1990’s and grew a strong following due to the high quality of design of the hats they produced. Famous for their standout fedora hats made from the highest quality fur felt offering their customers something special to add to their wardrobes

Over the years the brand has grown, and now British company Gamble & Gunn have taken on the reigns.

Who are Gamble & Gunn?

South Coast British Designers Gamble & Gunn offer a bespoke range of quality head wear for men & women

With keen attention to detail and commitment to high quality workmanship Gamble & Gunn aim to create hats that you will want to wear now and always…

A Gamble & Gunn hat is part of your unique journey. It’s as full of character, energy and colour as you are.

We believe the original energy and passion that was put into creating a classic hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners.

The dream doesn’t die; it is passed on, sometimes from generation to generation.

Coveted, eclectic & quintessentially British inspired by craftsmanship, quality the rare and unusual.

Gamble & Gunn rekindle the glory of tradition using heritage hat patterns and blocks then introduce our unique style, harvesting the past, reinventing and playing with it to create highly individual styles.

Take your hat on its own journey… be who you want to be…

You can view the Gamble & Gunn collection here www.gambleandgunn.com